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Over the years, music has been one of the things that God has used powerfully to sustain our family through many different kinds of trials and circumstances. We believe that music and songs play an important role in discipleship, and therefore we place a high value on writing songs that are full of rich, Biblical content. We pray that you will find this to be the case as you listen. In this section of the website, we have posted over fifty songs. In what follows, you will find testimonies that give context to the songs we have posted, some simple lyric videos, chord sheets, and MP3s for free downloading. Although most of the songs on this website are now also available through some of the more well-known streaming and downloading sites, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon, we don’t want anyone to ever have to pay in order to receive the music. If people want to purchase music through one of these channels as a way of supporting our family and ministry in the gospel, and/or to have more convenient access to the songs based on one’s preferred means of listening to music, that is entirely up to them. God has freely blessed us with these songs, and so it truly is our joy to make them available to you free of charge on this website. Thank you for visiting Blessed Hope Music. Our prayer is that God will use the music you encounter here to help you fix your eyes on the hope of the gospel.

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