Worth It All (2015)

“For I consider that our present sufferings cannot even be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.” Romans 8:18

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Hear Testimony

“Our redemption complete, we will fall at Your feet, and say, ‘It was worth it all’…”

Worth It All

“So we trust You, Lord, to purge the dross away, and to make us one in the unity of the faith…”

Unity of the Faith

“Love one another, this is My command, cause it’s the only thing that’s gonna stand…”

Cling to the Cross

“He’s coming with the clouds of heaven, with a sharp sword at His side…”

Jesus Is Coming

“God provides the ravens and the manna, we praise You, we praise You…”

Ravens and Manna

“So we bow before this King so meek and lowly, who for love came down and gave up all the glory…”

The Word Became a Man

“We’re gonna take those thorns that choke us out, we’re gonna cast them all away…”

We’re Gonna Shine

“Man can hurt my body, man can say mean things, but he can’t take You away from me…”

We Will Fear the Lord Alone

“We will follow the Lamb through the valley of weeping…”

We Will Follow the Lamb

The Team

So thankful for all of you!

Written by: Tim and Emily Miller and family; Richee and Grace Parks and family; David and Beckie Gregory and family; Mark and Jenn Bidauretta and family (“Ravens and Manna”); John and Jenn Wandler and family (“Ravens and Manna”) 
Vocals: Tim Miller, Gerald Wood, Rebekah Lindsey, Caleb Lindsey, Naomi Lindsey, the Miller family and Lindsey family
Instruments: Mark Selby (bass guitar), Josh Redford (electric guitar), Nick Selby (drums), Tim Miller (acoustic guitar), Caleb Lindsey (acoustic guitar, bass, keys, mandolin, misc. percussion), Naomi Lindsey (penny whistle)
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by: Caleb Lindsey
Album Art: Rich and Grace Parks